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15 Jan 2016 - Issue 193
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 Extensive range of FRP Gratings - stronger than steel and won't rust
In areas where metal grating deteriorates and creates a constant maintenance problem, Fiberglass FRP Grating is a cost-effective solution with the following characteristics FRP Gratings
  • Corrosion resistant. Easily outperforms metal grating
  • Cost effective. As the price of steel goes up, Fiberglass FRP Grating is now even more cost effective
  • Fire Resistant
  • Non-sparking. Ideal where combustible gas or materials are present
  • Non-conductive. Good where electric hazards are present
  • Non-magnetic. Use in sensitive locations where the magnetic properties of metal grating are unfavourable
  • Low thermal conductivity. An excellent insulator and safeguard against inadvertent skin-contact with extreme temperature surfaces
  • Good impact resistance. Allows repeated deflections without being permanently deformed (unlike steel gratings)
  • Slip resistant. Concave bars tops and grit-top surface treatment available at no extra cost
  • Visit our dedicated FRP Gratings web site at
  • Get more information on your FRP Gratings
 Mixed container loads of fiberglass materials

If you need a mix of different fiberglass or other composite materials in the one shipment, we can arrange this for you and deliver world wide. We can ship a mixed load to include the following:Fiberglass CSM

  • Fiberglass roving
  • Chopped Strand Mat
  • Combination mat
  • Woven roving
  • Multi-axial mats
  • Chopped strands
  • Tissue
  • Mesh
  • Fabrics
  • Get more information on your mixed composite material shipments
  Silica Mesh with "carbonized treatment"
Silica mesh pictured (black colour) has a carbonized treatment to give better performance than the standard (brown colour) meshCarbonized Silica Mesh
  • Carbonized mesh is more flexible
  • Higher working temperature, up to 1640 degree C (2984 degrees F).
  • No smoke during touching with molten metal
  • Environment friendly
  • Better heat resistant strength than the standard type
  • Much lower gas emission during use
  • Web site page or download PDF file
Get more information on your smokeless carbonized silica mesh
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