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Emulsion Chopped Strand Mat

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Emulsion binder Chopped Strand Mat

Emulsion chopped strand mat (CSM) is good for FRP by hand lay-up, or by the laminating process

This CSM is made with 50mm (2") fiberglass chopped strands which are laid out as a mat, and bound by a special emulsion binder.

 Low alkali e-glass (c-glass available)
 Superior mould ability & handling characteristics
 Ensures consistent properties in the end product
 Good for complicated profiles in difficult working environments

Technical Characteristics
Product No. Glass Type Binder Type Loss on Ignition (%) Moisture Content (%) Available Density (g/m2)
CSM-3 C Emulsion < 8 < 0.3 250 - 600
CSM-4 E Emulsion 3 - 5 < 0.2 225 - 900

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