Rectangular FRP Grating

Fiberglass rectangular FRP grating is a great reinforced composite molded grating with concave non-slip top bars.

Rectangular FRP Grating
Rectangular FRP Grating - competitive prices available
  • Uniform placement of continuous glass strands during manufacture provides superior strength.
  • A good choice for walkway and trench covers in many industrial applications.
  • Corrosion Resistant. Easily outperforms metal grating.
  • Non-magnetic. Use in sensitive locations where the magnetic properties of metal grating are proven to be unfavourable.
  • Slip resistant (with concave bars and grit-top surface available)
  • Easy installation. Cut and shape easily with hand tools.
Rectangular FRP Grating 12mm x 102mm (1x4")
Thickness Bearing Bar Cross Bar Panel Size Weight/Sq Meter Open Area
Width Space Width Space
26mm 6.3mm 25.4mm 9.5mm 102mm 915x3050mm 13.4kg 69%
1" 1/4" 1" 3/8" 4" 3'x10' 2.75lbs 69%