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April 2017 - Issue 208
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 S Glass High Performance
S-glass high strength glass fibers are available now. Good for applications where you need high strength and high performanceS Glass roving
  • Available in HS2 and HS4
  • 30 to 40% better tensile strength
  • 16 to 20% higher modulus of elasticity
  • 100 to 150 degrees celsius better temperature endurance
  • 10 fold higher fatigue resistance
  • Textile yarn, roving, chopped fibers, fabrics, woven roving all available
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 Good Quality CFM (Continuous Filament Mat)
If you're looking a good quality CFM, we have it available now at a good price. One customer described the quality as "A1" (perfect). good quality continuous filament mat

Carbonized Silica Mesh (Foundry use)
Silica mesh pictured (black color) has a carbonized treatment to give better performance than the standard (brown color) meshCarbonized Silica Mesh
  • Carbonized mesh is more flexible
  • Higher working temperature, up to 1640 degree C (2984 degrees F).
  • No smoke during touching with molten metal
  • Environment friendly
  • Better heat resistant strength than the standard type
  • Much lower gas emission during use
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