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24 Nov 2016 - Issue 203
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 Camouflage FRP Panels & Veil
Fiberglass Camouflage Sheets - superior roofing and cladding panels for military applicationsCamouflage FRO Panels
  • Lighter than metal and asbestos sheets
  • Reduces cost for heavy metal structures
  • Easy to assemble - labor saving
  • Flexible but won't deform
  • Superior mechanical strength thanks to its composite glass fiber reinforced structure
  • Special surface coating provides excellent protection against UV. No noticeable color change after intense and long-lasting UV tests
  • Surface can be made in a non-reflecting mat finish
  • Also available as veil (tissue) format
  • Other patterns available such as wood grain, etc
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 3-D Sandwich Woven Fabric
3-D Sandwich Woven Fabric are made of E-glass yarns, carbon fiber, basalt fiber or other high performance fibers
  • Two deck layers bonded together by Z-piles
  • Thickness 2-25mm
  • Composite material gives a hollow integrated core sandwich structure
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Design-versatility
  • Widely used for many applications in the core composites industry
  • Competitive price with low minimum order
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Silicone Coated Silica Fabric
Silicone coated high silica fabric is ideal for insulation mattress, jackets, smoke curtain, welding blankets and expansion jointsSilicone coated high silica fabric now available at competitive prices
  • High strength
  • Fire retardant
  • Oil resistant
  • Water proof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Temperature resistant 1000 degrees C (1832 degrees F)
  • Weights 225g/m2 (6 oz) to 1140g/m2 (33.5oz)
  • Thickness 0.15 to 0.9mm
  • Colors grey, red, black
  • Silicone coating, one side or both sides
  • Competitive prices and prompt shipment
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