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15 June 2016 - Issue 198
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 Your Single Best Source for Composite Materials 
 Basalt materials at competitive prices
If you're seeking a better price for good quality basalt materials, email us for a free quotation. No obligation. Available materials:Basalt roving now available at competitive prices

  3-D sandwich woven fabrics
3-D sandwich woven fabric are made from E-glass yarn, carbon fiber, basalt fiber and other high performance fibers3-D Fabric
  • Two deck layers bonded together by Z-piles
  • Height/thickness available 2 to 25mm
  • When impregnated with a thermoset resin, the fabric immediately absorbs the resin and rises to the preset height
  • Hollow integrated core sandwich structure offers excellent mechanical properties and design versatility
  • See our web site page for details
  • More information
  Surplus carbon fiber
 Carbon fiber
  • Carbon surplus to manufacturer's requirement
  • New in original packing
  • Competitive prices
  • More information
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