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19 May 2016 - Issue 197
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 Your Single Best Source for Composite Materials 
 Basalt materials update
Basalt roving, chopped strands, yarn and fabric now at a good prices. Basalt has better mechanical properties than fiberglass and is lower in cost than carbon fiber. It is used as a fireproof textile and as a composite to produce a wide range of products.Basalt roving now available at competitive prices
  • Features
  • High strength and high modulus
  • Good for ballistic applications
  • High temperature resistance
  • Good fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • Easy to handle and process
  • Can be recycled
  • No health and safety risks
  • Compatible with many resins
  • Better chemical resistance than e-glass
  • Basalt Roving
  • Basalt fabric production
  • Manufacture of geotextile mesh for asphalt
  • Auto composite materials
  • Pipes for the oil and gas industry
  • Basalt plastic and fittings
  • Making needled felts for thermal & sound insulation
  • Great capacity for fire proofing - low heat conductivity and blocks heat
  • Chopped Strands
  • Reinforcing additive for concrete
  • Reinforcement for composite materials
  • Yarn & Fabric
  • Basalt fabrics, tapes and cords
  • Basalt Fabric
  • Insulation, reinforcing and filter medium
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  High quality silica material at a great price
You can now get excellent quality silica material from us at a competitive priceFiberglass High Silica Fabric
  • Satin weave
  • 600g/m2 (17 oz sq yd)
  • 100% fire proof
  • Temperature resistance 2,000 degrees F (1,093 degrees C)
  • Origin Europe
  • Prompt delivery world wide
  • Many other styles available
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  Surplus carbon fiber
New carbon fiber surplus now availableCarbon fiber
  • New carbon surplus to manufacturer's requirement
  • All brand new in original packing
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