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15 Mar 2016 - Issue 195
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 Silica needled mat update
Silica needled mat (felt) at a competitive priceBasalt Roving
  • Made from high quality silica fibers
  • Heat resistance up to 1,200 degrees C (2,200 degrees F)
  • Good for electric and combustion furnaces
  • Ideal for fire protection shutters
  • Pipeline insulation
  • Foundry - for thermal insulation of pouring gates
  • Electric and gas welding - thermal and fire protection
  • Keeps warmth in lagging for industrial & residential applications
  • More information at our web site page
Get more information on silica needled mat
  Surplus SGL carbon
Surplus SGL carbon 24 and 50K on uneven bobbins at a low priceSurplus SGL Carbon
  • SGL 24K B grade (less than 1 kg per bobbin): 8 boxes and 688.64 kgs net
  • SGL 50K B grade (about 2 kgs per bobbin): 2 boxes and 606 kgs net
  • SGL 50K B grade (less than 1 kg per bobbin): 95 boxes and 9,885.92 kgs net
  • Competitive price for the lot
  • Bulk packing
Get more information on your smokeless carbonized silica mesh
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