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16 Feb 2016 - Issue 194
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 Composite Materials from Japan
If you're seeking good quality materials from Japan, we can supply the followingGlass Fiber Paper
  • Glass Fiber Paper - for building, roofing, printed wire circuits
  • Carbon Fiber Paper - for personal computers, ducts
  • Ceramic Fiber Paper - chemical resistant, solvent resistant, electrical insulation, high temperature over 1260 degrees C (2300 degrees F)
  • Inorganic Filler Paper - for gasket, packing, various purposes
  • Samples available - please email us for more information
Get more information on your Glass Fiber/Carbon/Ceramic paper
 Basalt Materials - Fabrics and Roving
Basalt materials available now now at competitive prices. Reliable supply and exports world wideBasalt Roving
  • High strength and high modulus fiber
  • Excellent shock resistance - good for ballistic applications
  • Low cost alternative - can replace carbon fiber in some applications including filament winding
  • High temperature resistance and good light resistance
  • Good fatigue and corrosion resistance properties
  • No need for special processing equipment
  • Easy to handle and process
  • Environment friendly
  • You can get "direct-import" low pricing from us now
  • Get More information here or email us for prompt service
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  Silica Mesh with "carbonized treatment"
Silica mesh pictured (black colour) has a carbonized treatment to give better performance than the standard (brown colour) meshCarbonized Silica Mesh
  • Carbonized mesh is more flexible
  • Higher working temperature, up to 1640 degree C (2984 degrees F).
  • No smoke during touching with molten metal
  • Environment friendly
  • Better heat resistant strength than the standard type
  • Much lower gas emission during use
  • Web site page or download PDF file
Get more information on your smokeless carbonized silica mesh
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