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18 September 2015 - Issue 189
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 Basalt Materials Available

A range of basalt materials are available for different applications. High strength, high temperature resistance, easy to handle and process, very many uses. And pricing is more competitive now due to the recent devaluation of the Chinese currency.

Basalt roving
  • Basalt roving
  • Basalt Chopped Strands
  • Basalt re bars
  • Basalt textile yarn
  • Basalt unidirectional and woven cloth
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 S Glass for High Strength
S-glass materials - HS2 and HS4 - are high strength glass fibers meets the needs where high strength and high performance is requiredS Glass High Strength Roving
  • 30 to 40% better tensile strength
  • 16 to 20% higher modulus of elasticity
  • 100 to 150C better temperature endurance
  • 10 fold higher fatigue resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance because of the high elongation to breakage
  • High ageing and corrosion resistance
  • Quick resin wet-out properties
  • Weight saving at the same performance
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 Silica Mesh Filter Cups for the Foundry Industry

New improved quality Silica Mesh Cups are available now for the foundry industry. Regular and zircon coating for high temperature resistance.Carbon Scrap

  • Zircon and regular coating
  • Variety of sizes
  • Competitive price
  • High temperature resistance
  • Online catalog available
  • Web site page
  • Other high silica mesh and fabrics also available
  • Free samples on request
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  Special Offers and Surplus Materials
Check our web site page for other special offers and surplus materialsCarbon fiber materials Get more information on your surplus materials
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