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20 May 2015 - Issue 186
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 New Magic Hold 3K Carbon Fiber Twill Weave

Suitable for hand lay-up, vacuum bagging and RTM process. The fabric is drapable, and conforms well to complex geometric components. Ideal for shear load supporting components and laterally loaded panels with aspect ratio from 1 to 3. Fiber content above 40-50% is easily obtained with hand lay-up

Carbon 3K Fabric
  • Yarn type: Torayca T300B-3K-40B
  • Fabric Weight: 205g/m2
  • Roll width: 1020mm
  • Roll length: 100m
  • Sizing: Type 4 by Toray
  • Minimum order: 100m
  • Origin: China
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 Better Quality Fiberglass Mesh
New weaving loom at the factory just installedFiberglass Mesh on long rolls
  • Better quality mesh and edges won't unravel
  • Long rolls 3000m (3282 yds)
  • Variety of widths
  • Competitive prices
  • Quality inspection before shipping
  • Web site page
  • Others types available including Super Soft scrim
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 Surplus Carbon

Surplus carbon available now - limited supplyCarbon Scrap

  • Toray 60 K waste material
  • Carbon filament resistant to 2000 degrees C (degrades at 2500 C)
  • Denier is fine and a sample is available
  • Epoxy sizing 1%
  • Rolls and scraps carbon have a 32% epoxy resin impregnation with several widths
  • Available regularly - about 10 tons per month
  • Origin South Korea
  • Other carbon available. Contact us today.
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  Special Offers and Surplus Materials
Check our web site page for other special offers and surplus materialsCarbon fiber materials Get more information on your surplus materials
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