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14 Nov 2014 - Issue 180
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 New Carbon Fiber Prepreg Tow

Carbon Prepreg Tow is a carbon fiber yarn which is pre-impregnated with a resin matrix system

Carbon Tow Prepreg
  • Good alternative to wet-filament winding
  • High production speed
  • Better laminate and lower weight
  • Healthier production environment
  • Specially formulated for improved efficiency in filament winding of compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks and other pressurised vessels
  • Custom made as for end product requirement
  • Made with A grade 3K, 6K, 12K and 24K carbon tow
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Surplus Fiberglass Materials at a Reduced Price

Surplus e-glass wet chopped strands now reduced for a quick saleonly "super soft" fiberglass scrim is available nowWet chopped strands

  • Fibers are chopped and opened
  • Good for an airlay application
  • 325,000 lbs (147,420 kgs), 7-9µ diameter, 52 mm long, in 2000 lb bales
  • Location USA
  • Price ONLY US$0.20 pound ($0.44 kg)
  • Please email us for more information
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  Other Surplus Materials
Check our web site page for other surplus materials including the followingFiberglass tissue surplus Get more information on your surplus materials
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If you need any fiberglass or other types of composite materials, please e-mail us for prompt service
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