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15 Sep 2014 - Issue 178
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 Alkali Resistant Fiberglass Roving at "direct import" pricing

Alkali Resistant roving (GRC Roving) is good for spray up or mechanical continuous forming of GRC

Alkali Resistant (GRC) Fiberglass Roving
  • You can get "direct-import" low pricing from us now
  • Quality is excellent
    Prompt delivery
  • Used to make glass reinforced cement (GRC)
  • Light, high strength and incombustible
  • Easy to design and shape
  • Ideal for GRC products like building boards, corrugated sheets, division panels, internal and external insulation panels, decorative panels, dust panels and cable boxes
  • Good for drainage channels, garden features and artistic sculptures
    Alkali Resistant Chopped Strands also available
  • Web site page
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 Surplus Carbon Fiber Unidirectional and Double Bias (large quantity)

The following Carbon Unidirectional and Double Bias is availableCarbon unidirectional

  • Carbon T700 Unidirectional material
  • Weight 680 gsm
  • Hot melt fill yarn binder mechanism
  • Width 1270 mm
  • Roll size 68.5m (75 yds) per roll
  • Origin USA
  • Carbon T700 Double Bias material
  • 12k carbon
  • Weight 410 gsm
  • Roll size 91.5m (100 yds) per roll
  • Width 1270 mm
  • Origin USA
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  Silica Mesh with "carbonized treatment"
Silica mesh pictured (black colour) has a carbonized treatment to give better performance than the standard (brown colour) meshCarbonized Silica Mesh
  • Carbonized mesh is more flexible
  • Higher working temperature, up to 1640 degree C (2984 degrees F).
  • No smoke during touching with molten metal
  • Environment friendly
  • Better heat resistant strength than the standard type
  • Much lower gas emission during use
  • Web site page or download PDF file
Get more information on your smokeless carbonized silica mesh
 Surplus Silica Fabric 600gsm
Second grade high silica fabrics now available from EuropeSilica Heat Resistant Fabric
  • Second grade but good quality Silica Fabrics
  • Weight 600gsm
  • Vermiculite coated
  • Width 935mm
  • Roll size 50 meters (each roll consists of 3 pieces of fabric with minimum length of 10 meters)
  • Quantity 14,000 meter in stock
  • Discount price
  • Origin Europe (not China)
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