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16 July 2014 - Issue 176
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Carbon 3K Fabric made with Japan 'Toray' Fiber - A Grade

Carbon 3K fabric, plain and twill weave, now available and made with Japan Toray fiber and offered at good prices

Carbon 3K Fabric
  • Regular 3K carbon fabric in 200g/m2
  • Plain and Twill weave style
  • Made with Japan Toray MIJ T300 fiber
  • Very good price and prompt delivery worldwide
  • Other styles available on request
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 B grade 3K carbon Fabric - 20% discount
Bargain priced- 3K carbon fabric, classified as B grade. Quality is still good, but some have broken fibers inside. Fiber is from Toho and Mitsubishi, no Formosa or Toray. Sold in quantity and without the re-checking process - with such low prices all current stock must be ordered each time B grade 3K carbon fabric
  • Condition is good
  • Made with Toho and Mitsubishi fiber
  • Some have broken fiber inside
  • Not good for surface application
  • Bargain price at about 20% lower than A grade
  • Weights 200, 224, 228, 240g/m2
  • Plain and twill weave
  • Available every month
  • Ask for our current stock list
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  Fiberglass Gypsum Roving and Wet Chopped Strands
E-glass Wet chopped strands is used to produce gypsum plaster board, for reinforcement of water proof products, roofing tiles, and for concrete reinforcement. Price is very goodWet Chopped Strands
  • E-glass Wet chopped strands
  • Length 25mm (others available)
  • Cut from fiberglass yarn
  • Also available as Gypsum Roving
  • Very good price
  • Data sheet on request
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 Surplus Carbon Yarn
Surplus carbon tow
  • T700SC-12K-50C uneven original packing
  • Limited stock - 411.85 kgs only
  • Bobbins 2 kgs average
  • T700SC-12K-50C A grade original packing
  • Bobbins 6 kgs
  • T700SC-24K-50C A grade original packing
  • Bobbins 6 kgs
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