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15 April 2014 - Issue 173
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  Surplus Fiberglass Yarn Available

Left over from a optical cable making process - not off-specification; just left over yarn on bobbins

Surplus yarn
  • Quantity 13,000 lbs (5,896 kgs)
  • Packing 600-700 lbs (272 to 317 kgs) per each box
  • Origin USA
  • Data sheet and sample available
  • Email us today to get more information
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 New Fire Resistant FRP Panels
New fire resistant FRP Panels (fiberglass) has 20 minutes fire protectionFire resistant FRP panel, corrugated style
  • First ever single skin FRP fire barrier certified to BS3d0 (EN 13501)
  • Retards fire for 20 minutes
  • Solid 8mm (5/16") thickness with high mechanical strength
  • Light weight compared to similar metal products
  • Simple to assemble on pultruded or metal structures
  • High level of corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Easy to drill and cut for assembly
  • Available in corrugated or flat profiles
  • Continuous length panels are available
  • Applications in cooling towers, chemical plants, off shore platforms and mining
  • Email us today to get a price and a sample
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 Surplus Carbon
Surplus carbon tow
  • T700SC-12K-50C uneven original packing (411.85 kgs)
  • T700SC-12K-50C A grade original packing (840 kgs)
  • Toho non-bobbin 12K single yarn (1000 kgs)
  • T300B-3K-50B A grade original packing
  • T700SC-24K-50C A grade original packing
  • More details at this web site page
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  Product Update
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If you need any fiberglass or other types of composite materials, please email us for prompt service
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