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14 March 2014 - Issue 172
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 New Silica Roving

Silica roving is made from non twisted strands of complex yarns of a uniform length. Used to produce high temperature insulation cords, tapes and fabrics.

Glass roving
  • High temperature resistant
  • 600 and 1200 tex available
  • Filament diameter 9 micron
  • Data sheet available on request
  • Other silica materials also available including fabrics and mesh
  • Competitive price
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  New S Glass Fabric
This #6580 style is similar to S2 High Strength glass fabric and available at a competitive price. S glass fabric
  • Weave: Satin 8/3
  • Warp: 27.0
  • Weft: 28.0
  • Weight: 190 g/m2
  • Width: 100 cm
  • Thickness: 0.160 mm
  • More details are listed in the data sheet which is available on request
  • See our web site page for other products in s glass
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 Surplus Carbon
Surplus carbon tow
  • T700SC-12K-50C uneven original packing (411.85 kgs)
  • T700SC-12K-50C A grade original packing (840 kgs)
  • Toho non-bobbin 12K single yarn (1000 kgs)
  • T300B-3K-50B A grade original packing
  • T700SC-24K-50C A grade original packing
  • More details at this web site page
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  Hot Sellers This Month
Basalt roving
If you need any fiberglass or other types of composite materials, please email us for prompt service
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